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With a robust technology platform from the Info Station, not only will you practice more competently; you reclaim time for a personal life.

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“The work begins when the client leaves, and that leaves me stuck at the office.”

Over the years, many attorneys have told us that their number one problem is the time their practice takes out of
their personal life. This is one problem the Info Station prides itself on solving.

What makes our Computer Support for law firms different?



Our proactive support and maintenance prevents issues such as downtime, downloads, upgrades and security threats.


Greater Productivity

We use the best technologies to streamline back-office processes and allows you to focus on core competencies.


Better Mobility

By leveraging new cloud technologies, you gain round-the- clock access and retrieval of files and research from any desired location.


Infrastructure Protection

Conveniently and confidently share sensitive client information with top of the line security solutions that protect against online threats.

Providing legal technology support since 2003

The legal field is one of the Info Station’s oldest areas of IT support. For more than a decade, we’ve been servicing the computers and networks of local law practices in Northwest Florida, including those the 14th Judicial Circuit’s Department of Court Administration who have been our client since 2004.

Given our extensive experience and knowledge of the legal IT environment and the technology challenges attorneys face today, our effective legal IT solutions can improve your practice management and court processes dramatically. Not only that, a reliable infrastructure custom-designed to your practice will significantly minimize time spent on back-office processes so you can make good use of your time and be productive from virtually anywhere!

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