Your IT network is the life force of your business. It is responsible for the security of all confidential and sensitive data such as customers’ credit card information, account numbers, trade secrets, order history, client lists, legal documents, and email exchanges. Thus, there is no reason why you shouldn’t implement world-class network security solutions to avert damaging online threats and mitigate security risks.

With Info Station as your cyber security partner, you receive access to our WebRoot SecureAnywhere Complete, the smarter internet security solution against next-generation threats. This powerful software will keep your network and data safe, no matter how or where you connect.

The Info Station’s WebRoot SecureAnywhere Complete solution will:

  • Secure browsing and real-time anti-phishing - WebRoot Secure proactively checks URLs and websites for malicious content while blocking information-phishing sites
  • Identity-theft protection - work silently in the background to protect usernames, account numbers and other confidential data
  • Multi-device coverage - provide always-on protection for your PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices so your data and identity are always secure
  • Protect your privacy - the System Optimizer will obliterate traces of your online activity and deleted files and clean out your hard drive space
  • Automatic backup and secure online storage - protect your files, photos, apps and more with 25GB of Secure Online Storage
  • Password and login protection - store encrypted passwords, usernames and credit card information for safe account access from any device using just one master password