SIP Trunking

The Info Station offers high-quality SIP Trunking services for businesses, multi-site applications, and call centers, as well as custom plans for unique applications. Our service plans cover burstable trunks (unlimited call paths), an inclusive amount of inbound and outbound service minutes, a bundle of DIDs, and disaster recovery routing tools.

Highlights of SIP Trunking:

  • Scalability on Demand - SIP Trunk capacity (referred to as “burstable trunks”) is free, you have the freedom to add more capacity as you need it
  • Multi-Site & Remote Phone Support - extend your savings across your entire enterprise with local E911 and local number portability
  • Flexibility - use your service plan over most internet connections or multiple internet connections
  • Disaster Recovery - auto-detecting disaster recovery module enables you to set predetermined failover routes for all of your DID and toll-free numbers

SIP Trunking Features and Benefits:

Outbound Calling
Call anywhere in the world at rates 40% to 50% lower than traditional phone service providers.
Inbound Calling
Our footprint covers over 95% of the United States, and we can provide international numbers in most countries.
Toll-Free Calling
SIP Trunking allows toll-free numbers to be pointed to IP addresses vs. DID numbers. This provides additional flexibility and failover options. Our partner, nexVortex, is an FCC-certified RESPORG.
Emergency Services
We support both 911 calling and E911 calling where available, and we specialize in multi-site and remote site E911 services.
Accurate Billing
Designed and created for SIP Trunking customers, our billing platform allows you to check minute usage, run CDR reports, or order new services with the click of a mouse while accessing simple, easy to read statements.
Advanced User Portal
Real time billing statements, number ordering, number routing, Disaster Recovery Routing, Caller ID control, and CDR reporting are all accessible for you to control online.
Disaster Recovery Routing
Disaster Recovery Routing with automatic detection provides the ability to set predetermined failover routes for any of your DID or toll-free numbers on your account. This feature is critical to call centers, multi-site implementations, and single-site businesses alike.
Outstanding Quality
Our innovative technologies allow us to monitor, analyze and react to the continual changes that occur in an IP network. Our Service Assurance Manager (SAM) can detect problems as they occur and rapidly make adjustments in our service delivery.
Set Up and Activation
Need a solution quickly? The Info Station can have your service active within minutes. From a single-site solution to more complex multi-site orders, our Project Coordinator will guide you through the entire implementation process. We will also coordinate porting, multi-site setup, E911, training, and activation.