Dr. Julia Frigo Santa Rosa Smiles

Info Station allows us to concentrate on being a dentist.

Before Info Station, the amount of time and money our office wasted on weekly computer problems was staggering.  Since working with this reliable team of technology professionals, we have been able to deliver better service, assist more patients, and improve overall efficiency throughout our practice.

For our office, availability is key.  Info Station has provided us with rapid service and nearly instant access to a team member whenever a problem arises.

At the end of the day, our team trusts Info Station to provide us with exceptional service and highly professional expertise. This allows us to concentrate on doing what we do best and leave the technology to the experts.

Dr. Daniel Melzer Bay Smile Docs

Info Station allows me to stay on schedule

As our IT firm, Info Station handles all our computer and networking issues quickly and accurately. As the doctor and business owner, I stay on schedule and I don’t have to walk away from patients to fix a broken printer or address a network issue.

With so many aspects of our work tied to technology, it is critical for us to work with IT professionals who can handle the many moving parts of our business and complex equipment we use.  Info Station seamlessly coordinates every component of our technology, from upgrades to troubleshooting.

Info Station delivers prompt, courteous, and effective computer and network services that keep my business running smoothly.

Dr. William Ott Panhandle Family Dentistry

Jump in the arena with Info Station

In a world full of cyber threats and breaches, I know I can rest assured that my network with my patient’s sensitive data and information will remain safe and secure, thanks to Info Station.

Info Station always communicates in a clear and concise manner and they help me understand the computer jargon they use.  Philip and his team are incredibly responsive, always on time, and provide outstanding customer service.

I recommend Info Station to any of my colleagues looking for technical support, and I would encourage anyone considering their services to jump into the arena with this great team of technology professionals.

Derek H. Wall Derek H Wall DDS

Info Station Goes the extra mile.

The Info Station is a small business that goes the extra mile, with friendly and personable customer service.

No matter what problems might arise, Info Station responds in a timely manner and our issues are addressed quickly and accurately the first time. Philip, David, and the Info Station team go above and beyond to ensure our computer and networking needs are met.

The outstanding service that Info Station provides us allows our team to do what we do best:  Serve our patients.

Dr. Brian Parker Chipley Family Dentistry

A local Firm that lets us focus on what we love to do, Dentistry!

Before discovering Info Station, we struggled to find a reliable and local tech firm and ended up hiring a firm that could only help remotely.

Info Station is a local firm that offers reliable, knowledgeable technical support, and any computer issues are handled quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Info Station allows us to focus on our patients instead of computer issues.

The Info Station team is reliable, knowledgeable and provides peace of mind that our technology will work when we need it to.

Dr. Elizabeth Brown

Info Station Solves Problems fast.

We have used the Info Station for many years, and we have always been extremely satisfied with their level of service and competence. If we have a software or hardware problem, they always can resolve it.

Dr. Robert Payne Payne & Payne Dentistry

Our computer upgrades went smother than I could imagine.

Quality, dependable and friendly is what I think of when I describe Philip and his team at Info Station. We recently upgraded all our computers and software in our dental practice, and it went more smoothly than I could imagine. If a problem arises, it is always handled in quickly and efficiently. We are grateful and blessed to have Info Station as our computer experts!

Dr. Jeremy Lewis Jeremy Lewis DDS

You can’t go wrong with Info Station

Our recent expansion involved three locations with fiber connections, digital x-rays and paperless charting. Philip and his team at the Info Station have been a very important part in all of that. They provided the information we needed on where to start. They helped us with what needed to be handled first, to put this all in place, as seamlessly as possible. They are always a phone call, text message or e-mail away. A team member answers within minutes and if the need arises for them to be on site physically, they are here immediately. Each member of the Info Station team is courteous, friendly, and professional. If you are thinking about using the Info Station you will not go wrong. I am thankful every day for them as a business partner, and we now consider them friends. I would encourage you to give them a try! You will be happy you did.

Melinda Blount Office Manager
Bay Smile Docs

They solve any problem no matter how big or how small.

We have used Info Station for all of our computer needs for several years. They are always there no matter how big or small the issue, making sure we are running smoothly.

Crystal Office Manager
Elizabeth Brown, DMD

Info Station solves the problem.

A many thanks to Info Station for the years of support and reassurance. Info Station will work with software companies to solve problems rather than blaming them!

The Info Station team is very reliable, professional, and willing to go the extra mile to keep my office’s computer network running smoothly.

Drs. Jason and Kathleen Seymour DDS