Congratulations on embarking on your journey to start your dental practice! With your plan, financing, and contractor in place, it's time to consider the technology that will elevate your patient care experience. However, navigating the myriad of options can be overwhelming, especially when faced with inflated bids from IT companies.

The Challenge

IT companies quoting prices 20-30% higher than expected. Unsure of the right technology setup and worried about compatibility issues. Limited time to research and configure equipment.

The Solution

Introducing Patient Ready Dental IT - a tailored program for dental startups that simplifies technology selection, streamlines setup, and offers cost-effective solutions for startup budgets.

How It Works


Start with our “Startup Calculator”:

Answer a few questions to kickstart the process.



Meet with our Dental IT specialists to discuss your Startup Plan.


Custom Quote:

Receive a comprehensive quote for all required hardware and software.


Preparation & Testing:

Our team sets up, preprograms, and rigorously tests your computers in our lab.


Delivery & Setup:

Your patient-ready computers are boxed and shipped to your office, ready for immediate use.

Post-Sale Support

Our Dental IT specialists are available for any questions or customizations you may need. With remote access capabilities, we can provide ongoing assistance to optimize your patient care experience.


Expert Guidance:

Industry-specific knowledge to choose the right technology.


Patient-ready equipment for easy setup and immediate use.


Avoid the high costs of traditional IT installations.

Experience the Difference

Patient Ready Dental IT - Your Partner in Patient-Centered Technology.